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I have already given talks to young people about my past personal experiences and taking part in a Prince’s Trust workshop and I intend to offer this service to schools, youth clubs and other organisations. If you would like me to talk at your school or youth club etc. Please contact me for details at our ‘contact us’ page.


I work with young people who have offended or might be at risk of offending.  Part of what I do with them is deliver Law and Order courses.  To supplement the activities on this course I have had Tony come in as a guest speaker several times.  His talks have had a huge impact on the young people that I work with; and undoubtably had more of an effect than anything that I could do.  Hearing him talk about his own experiences with drug use and the route into crime that it led to clearly shocked the young people into examining their own lifestyles.  Some may not have gone down that path yet, but I am certain hearing Tony talk may help deter them from going down it.

We ask the young people to complete evaluation forms and comment on 'what is the best part of the course'.  The following are some answers from their evaluation forms:

'Hearing Tony talk about his life.'

'Hearing Tony tell us about his teenage years and how he had changed.'

Talking to someone who has had experience of being in trouble.'

'Meeting Tony and the impact the crimes had on his life.'

The benefits to the young people I work with are clear to see: they are completely engrossed in his story, listen without interrupting, and ask questions at the end.  For many of them, they probably think 'it will never happen to me,' but Tony's story is a warning that it can happen to anyone.  For that reason I think his talks would be of benefit to all young people, regardless of background or circumstance.

Catherine Sadler- 'Raising Your Game'


Hi Tony

I would like to write and express my thanks for the talk you gave to a group of Year 9-11 boys at Bitterne Park School on 9th November.  The talk was powerful, engaging and insightful for the young people involved.  Your life story has given the boys food for thought, they now have a first hand account of how things start off small and can escalate out of control.  There were some shocking elements to the talk but you told it in a way not to sensationalise it but in a hard hitting reality check sort of a way. They key message was  'don't do as I did'. 

In reflection time after the talk I recordered some of the comments below:

'I don't feel that I will follow everyone anymore its ok to say no'

'Tony done well to change but I feel sorry for his best mate he is still harding hard time with drugs'

'Thanks for getting him to come in Miss it was better than listening to teachers'

'I think it was good to hear what its like to be on drugs and do crime'

'Looking at the CRB made me think I dont want a list like that on mine.....I won't be able to get a job'

A great talk appreciate by staff and students.  I will definately be booking again for next year and will be looking at before and after sessions to explore the issues raisied. Thanks again.

Jennie ColeLeader for Alternative ProvisionBitterne Park SchoolSouthampton

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